Shagufta Naaz

Love me, love my horse

“It was a hot day, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees Celsius … A baby buffalo and an old woman were taking...

Review: Murder, Rowling wrote

The Cuckoo’s Calling, is a classic detective novel that will find favour with everyone who enjoys a good whodunit ...

Review: Death or dishonour

According to the BBC, the UK police recorded at least 2,823 so-called honour attacks in 2000

But judge we do

Where a no-good, violent husband is better than no husband at all.

Interview: A series of miracles

“The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary,” says Shabina Mustafa in her characteristic no-nonsense...

You are Sexist

The world is a big bad place and naive girls need to be protected for their own good, we’re told.

Marriage in the guise of a wedding

Every girls been practising playing the dulhan all her life but when it comes to playing the wife, there is no script.

Amazing Arabia

Saima manages to make, what could have been a boring litany of facts, entertaining in ‘The Arab World Thought of It.’

Age of enlightenment

Women are programmed to be sensitive about their age, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change the script.

Solo flight

Commuting in any form or way is a hazardous occupation for women in our part of the world.

Smart is scary

“Men say they love independence in a woman, but they don’t waste a second demolishing it brick by brick.”

Jokes apart

Joking about a man’s second marriage underlines a wife’s deepest fears and insecurities; it’s a sharp reminder that her husband can instantly turn her world upside down.

Who, what, wear?

When did choice of clothes become a political/social/religious statement rather than just an expression of one’s tastes and personality?

The mother/sister/daughter mantra

But the childless woman; the woman whose father has died and has no brother to ‘protect her honour’ — well, she’s fair game, isn’t she?

The invisible girls

It’s always boys who climb jungle gyms and ride bicycles and win races, where do girls feature in Pakistani advertisements?

Monthly budget

An estimate of the basic minimum expenses for a middle class family of four with a household income of between...

Custodian of history

Some of the greatest achievements in human history have come about through the services of dedicated individuals. ...

Just another day

“Women’s Day!” my very nice, very Pakistani male friend snorts. “Why in the world do you need a Women’s Day? Every...

Don't ask!

Do you sometimes feel everyone is trying to control your life; telling you what to do and how to do it? Well you’re...