Murtaza Razvi

Where to with anti-Americanism?

We will be deceiving ourselves by focusing on the half truth that the US needs Pakistan; we also need the US and its allies for a chance at survival.

Balochistan and the media

Dissident Baloch nationalists are these days seen speaking their minds on TV.

United we fall?

National security indeed is a matter of utmost concern for our civil-military establishment policy makers; it has...

A case of double standards

It’s not only the West, but also Muslims who have double standards, Pakistanis and Arabs more so than others. While...

‘Thanks to Allah’

—Photo courtesy of Fayyaz Ahmed ‘Thanks to Allah’, as our cricketers would say, “Just 40.1 per cent of the 5-16 age...

Why this kolavari di?

-Photo Courtesy Ayesha Vellani/White Star What have the Ahmadis done to deserve this treatment in this Islamic...

Cultural heritage in ruins

AT the ruins of the first and second cities of Taxila, Sirkap (1st century BCE to 2nd century CE) and Sirsukh (2nd to 5th century CE), it’s business as usual. The pushy minders tell you that you may do still photography and no filming, hoping that you’d o

Holy bans only

While in a Karachi park a frenzied, self-righteous TV show host chased couples out on a date filming them without...

Strange ways of democracy

BEING a public servant in a democracy is a strange business; one slip of the tongue and you may lose your job. It sounds even stranger to Pakistani ears. Norway’s national security chief’s resignation is a case in point.

No Jack hit, this one!

Some in the Pakistan’s self-righteous media brigade downgraded Ijaz from Senior Jack of all trades to Junior Jack.

Mad Hatter’s party

The court has given the government six more days in which to show cause for non-compliance with the court orders,...

Chinese, made in Pakistan

One fine, i.e. muggy, September morning in Karachi, education lovers in the Sindh government decided that Mandarin should be taught at the secondary school level, and perhaps even be made mandatory, come 2013.

Women of disaster

HUMANITARIAN aid organisations estimate that some 1.2 million women of reproductive age are still caught up and marooned in the flooding that washed away their homes and subsistence livelihoods in Sindh.

The state of general affairs

Given our internal rifts, political, religious, sectarian, government-military related heartburns, bad governance ...

Crackdown on nurses

THE nurses’ agitation recently on The Mall in Lahore to demand the implementation of higher pay scales promised to them by the health department

Media's gaping hole

-Photo Illustration by Abro Hussain Haqqani’s was definitely last week’s most watched media trial on prime time TV....

Wherewithal of change

OVER the years, tolerance of difference of opinion in our society has receded significantly. It has now come to the point where

Why I Khan’t ... just yet

There is nothing like success or even the prospects of it, which are now all too visible via the wide grin that ...