Where is the end?

As helpless observes of our disaster, we can just cry while they continue killing Christians, Ahmedis and Shias, and target our finest men.

Corruption: A twinborn with Pakistan

A society that believes in a noble religion but practices the opposite of what it admires has to comfort itself with something big.

Coexistence with India - III

Our alienation from the rest of mankind is not the only tragedy. Division within the Muslim camp starts on the issue: “Who is a true Muslim?”

Coexistence with India – II

Our self-righteousness so limits our sense of justice that what we practice with great pomp and show, seems hateful to us if others desire it.

Coexistence with the world

Islam's role must end as a weapon in the hands of an aggressively pretentious but totally uncreative mullah, writes Mobarak Haider.

Coexistence with India

What our army and government have now decided to fight is a threat not only to Pakistan but to the entire region’s peace. We must combat this monster, however painful the sacrifices.

A society at war with itself

We believe that we were always on the right side, that we were persecuted. It was always hard for us to ask: are we really so innocent? Why does the world hate us?

Another lesson of time

"Befuddle the people with magic, intoxicate them with a charged emotion, and take away their ambition for equality; so that they abandon their claims."

Self love and its fruits

Whatever the motivation of Pakistan’s founding fathers was, our aristocracy and clerics were clear on their mission of keeping us sick with nostalgia and pride.