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Crossing the red line

MALIK Saeed Hasan is a legendary figure in the Lahore High Court Bar Association who has many quotable quotes to his...

Death penalty challenge

INDEPENDENCE Day is an opportunity for the Pakistani people at home and abroad to remember those who devoted their...

Militancy and drones

THE debate in Pakistan on drone strikes has mostly revolved around two areas. First, that it violates Pakistan’s...

Militancy and drones

THE debate in Pakistan on drone strikes has mostly revolved around two areas. First, that it violates Pakistan’s sovereignty; second, that it creates more jihadis. Both these arguments can easily be defused.

The people’s will

PAKISTAN was founded in the name of Allah and He in turn has been immensely gracious in pulling the country out of...

A law rarely applied

THE government’s efforts to save the new prime minister from the contempt of court guillotine may not work. The chief justice has already spoken his mind. A law that is in conflict with the provisions of the constitution will be struck down.

Democracy under threat

Pakistan’s democratic process may once again become a part of history, leaving the world to wonder how we could so willingly poison ourselves in the belief that it would lead to better days.

Constitutional trap

THE shadow of Zia still looms large over our political scene. Several parliaments and parliamentary committees have tried to exorcise this dictator’s ghost from the constitution but they never succeeded in rectifying all the ills.

The path of isolation

PAKISTAN remains in the dog house of the international community mainly because its rulers refuse to accept that violence and conflict within the country are escalating and have serious ramifications for the

A hard-hitting report

THE UN inquiry report on Benazir Bhutto`s assassination may not be an eye-opener but it does put the record straight...

Strengths and pitfalls

Our political leadership must make up its mind: either it commits itself to non-discriminatory policies on ...

Flaws in the judgment

The SC judgment has assumed the guilt of those who benefited from the NRO. -Photo by APP The Supreme Court (SC) has...

Irony rules over all else

LEADERSHIP in Pakistan is its own worst enemy. It is quick to grab the limelight but lacks the ability to gracefully...

Another aspect of the judgment

Lawyers shout slogans in support of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry in Lahore on December 17, 2009, as they...


Afghan election and beyond

Education guidelines

The CAR is crashing

An unequal battle


Life without dignity

One-way ‘talks’

Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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