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5th Karachi Literature Festival: Literature & our times

THE moment writer, chronicler and poet Aqeel Abbas Jafari started reciting his poetry about na-maloom afrad the...

5th Karachi Literature Festival:Warmth amongst the chill

With almost half a century of professional work behind him, Raza Ali Abedi had a lot to talk about

5th Karachi Literature Festival: Of poetry and affidavits

“Poetry is not an affidavit, so don’t hold it against the poet … any poet”

5th Karachi Literature Festival: The tale of three Husains

Pakistani Urdu literature continues to be dominated by the three Husains — Mustansar, Abdullah and Intizar


WHILE the focus had to be on the usage — or abusage — of language by the national media, it was perhaps a sign ...

X-Square: The unholy ghost

Does a period of 65 years represent a substantial period in a nation’s life? Not at all … it is but a miniscule...

X-Square: Of ghost schools and (brain) dead leaders

Hand it to Imran Khan for having the cause of the poor close to his heart. It is not for nothing that he wants to...

X-Square: Paper tigers

Long after the Asian Tigers — the globally acknowledged ones, that is — themselves got tamed by the vagaries of...

X-Square: The demerits of ignoring merit

Merit apparently has a charmed life … at least in Pakistan. Every now and then one scribe or the other, one ...

X-Square: The downside of consistency

The students of yore have become teachers of today. So? You can’t do much about it, can you? However, if you ...

X-Square: Young, urban but good for nothing

During a recent class discussion at a public-sector university students were asked to identify the country’s...

X-Square: Almost beyond belief … really!

First the bad news: four Pakistani universities have gone down in global ranking of 800 institutions of higher...

X-Square: The reality check has bounced

The government, you must have heard, is said to be actively considering a new city across the Margalla Hills, which...

X-Square: Easier said than done

Picking up the thread from where we had left last week, let’s continue with Sindh government’s supposed and...

X-Square: Linear, but backward!

The state of education — or rather the management of education — being what it is across the country, there is...

Will the last time be the first time for Pakistan?

In six previous attempts at the Trophy Pakistan has not done much to remember and excite the current lot to emulate.

X-Square: Inside out and upside down

THE lopsided election campaigns in Punjab and elsewhere did spend much time on how revolutions of all shades, hues and varieties are just about ready and rearing to transform the nation inside out and upside down.

A tale of two campaigns

THERE has never been a shortage of domains to apply the ‘Punjab versus the rest’ argument in the national...

X-Square: Clicking, not thinking

The line between knowledge and information is fast getting blurred. In the modern internet-driven society, it is common to come across young people who take it for granted that if something is not there on the Internet, it doesn’t exist, or is at least no

X-Square: The shady world of IQ

Having touched last week on the somewhat — if not downright — disproportionate regard for IQ readings in the corporate world, I believe it is in the fitness of things to have a look at what it is like in the academia.


Relief for terror victims

Learning curve

Nuclear normalcy

Train to Pakistan: 2014


ISI and media infighting

MQM in government again

Men planning families

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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