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Humair Ishtiaq

Silence that speaks

THE questions were simple. Why is it that the MDGs – which focus solely on the social sector – failed so... Published Sep 13, 2015 06:50am

FICTION: The spinner of tales

Blending history and storytelling, Shamsur Rahman Faruqi’s latest offering has kept up with his tradition of producing Published May 31, 2015 06:46am

Expressionless frustration

THEY take to the streets for the independence of Judiciary. They take to the streets for ending financial corruption... Updated Mar 22, 2015 11:41am

REVIEW: Of orders and disorders

The book’s absolute silence on the American policy of promoting militancy is something that will put a few readers off Published Mar 15, 2015 06:35am

KLF: A tale of two poets

THE sessions with Zehra Nigah and Kishwar Naheed had as many similarities as they had differences. For one thing,... Published Feb 15, 2015 07:17am

KLF:Scattered signs of the times

THE KLF moved this year in newer directions in a legitimate attempt to keep itself relevant. Social media and even... Published Feb 15, 2015 07:17am

URDU CONFERENCE: A master stroke

THE 7th Urdu Conference started with a big bang. At the opening ceremony, there were people all over the place. Even... Published Oct 27, 2014 02:19pm