Humair Ishtiaq

URDU CONFERENCE: A master stroke

THE 7th Urdu Conference started with a big bang. At the opening ceremony, there were people all over the place. Even... Published Oct 27, 2014 02:19pm

Review: Who Am I?

THE debate over the literary status of interviews is very much alive, with equally forceful arguments available on... Published Apr 27, 2014 06:28am

X-Square: The unholy ghost

Does a period of 65 years represent a substantial period in a nation’s life? Not at all … it is but a miniscule... Published Nov 10, 2013 07:59am

X-Square: Paper tigers

Long after the Asian Tigers — the globally acknowledged ones, that is — themselves got tamed by the vagaries of... Published Oct 27, 2013 06:27am