24 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 28, 1435

Hasan Khan

Afghan hostility

A FEW days’ stay in Kabul is enough to gauge how deeply entrenched anti-Pakistan sentiment is in Afghan society, across the ethnic divide — and particularly among young people.

From one Karzai to another Karzai?

Will Karzai try and cling to power, directly or indirectly? Is his brother, Qayyum Karzai, being groomed to take over?

Policy rethink needed

POLITICAL and security circles in Pakistan are abuzz with analyses of America’s failures in Afghanistan, appreciation for the Taliban’s resilience and concern for the sufferings of ordinary Afghans.

Trust deficit continues

THE issue of collaborative military offensives by Pakistan and Nato forces is a contentious one, and there is a need to assess whether or not such attempts would be productive.

The missing narrative

LAST month’s attack on Kamra airbase brought forth yet again an unpleasant facet of our national character: the absence of a united stand against an enemy that kills innocent people and targets vital installations of the state’s defence system.

Failed initiatives

DIFFERENCES over cross-border incursions in eastern Afghanistan from Pakistan have led to the postponement of the crucial visit of Salahuddin Rabbani, head of the Afghan High Peace Council, to Islamabad.

Self-rule for Fata

THE government has decided to introduce the local bodies’ system in Fata and the final draft of the Local Government Regulation, 2012 has been made public for feedback from tribal elders, elected representatives and political parties.

Tale of two assaults

PAKISTANI and Afghan insurgents picked the same day — Sunday, April 15 — for a spectacular show of their strength.