Hajrah Mumtaz

Al Ban-istan

The ‘ban first, don’t do anything later’ mindset is ever-present.

Dog eat dog

What children play in a milieu of violence is hardly hope-affirming.

Rules of debate

With every clod of mud, the quality of discourse worsens.

Pakistan’s Ataturk

Pakistan is missing several of the ingredients key to revolution.

Not a nanny state

Many families ended the festivities of Eid with funerals.

Spoiling for a fight

A sense of alienation is rife among young Muslims abroad.

Done in, again

MANY of us in Pakistan might feel from time to time that we could have been luckier in terms of the country of...

Hysteria to hyperbole

Poise in reporting can be seen as lacklustre coverage.

A band banned

LAST week, unobtrusively, access from Pakistan to certain Facebook pages was restricted. Those that run these pages...

Neglect of language

The neglect of Urdu is the loss of our young people.

In the name of honour

Our society seems to have a surfeit of ‘honour’.

Unsafe in a bank

Storing valuables in a bank locker has its own hazards.

Curious contradictions

AS one often has cause to point out, one of the problems with Pakistan is not that things are uniformly bleak, but...

Telling tales

AN interesting point was raised at a literature festival recently. The panellists observed that despite the fact ...

Worrying signs

SADLY enough, one has become used to people asking for money or some other form of aid in this country. There’s no...

The ideas people

IT’S not like any of us here in Pakistan are strangers to heartbreak, but even so it was particularly saddening. ...

Criminal silence

AMONGST the many tragedies of Pakistan, one of the remarkable ones is its ability to turn into a raging controversy...