Zaheer Mahmood Siddiqui

City bathed in rainy festivity

LAHORE: Intermittent rain added a rare enthusiasm to Eidul Fitr festivity in the Punjab capital, giving a good...

Airport commercial zone plan rapped

LAHORE: High-rise buildings may replace the Walton airport where Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other...

PR to get 25 locomotives after Eid

Before inducting the power vans into the fleet, a trial will also be conducted to technically evaluate performance

New locos to ‘anchor’ railway

The first batch comprising of five units of the locomotives provided by a Chinese company arrives Karachi.

Haj policy ‘not sighted’ yet

Undue delay in initiating Haj process confirms fears that peaceful pilgrimage would be impossible under govt's scheme.

A sister sobs her heart out

LAHORE: "Ma Chuke Balochani… (We are the sons of the Baloch…)" rendered Farzana Majeed and other participants in...