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Police’s task in Karachi

KARACHI’S law and order situation is in focus once again. The prime minister recently visited the troubled city ...

The challenge of policing Karachi

KARACHI may be the country’s largest metropolis and the hub of finance, but in terms of law and order there are many challenges.

Protecting young offenders

LAST Tuesday the Sindh High Court demanded an explanation from the concerned authorities about the unacceptable ...

Is speedy justice possible?

THE much-needed National Judicial Policy came into force on June 1. Its avowed goals are to initially reduce and...

Police & war on terror

WEDNESDAY`S terrorist attack on a police rescue centre in Lahore as well as earlier incidents such as the Marriott...

Protest and the police

THERE are many lessons to be learnt from the way the lawyers` movement was handled by the previous government as ...

Police & honour killings

AS the clock struck midnight on March 6 last year, three 12-bore cartridges were pumped into the torso of Tasleem...

Police Order revisited

POLICE Order 2002 was introduced with much gusto. Its avowed purpose was to reinvent the police so it could prevent...

Crimes and punishment

THE new government has immense challenges to meet. The most formidable of these myriad tasks is combating terrorism,...

Police and the community

IN a modern civilised society it is the prime responsibility of the sta- te to protect the life, li- berty and ...


Misguided optimism

Late call for unity

Politics as parody

Piety and cheating


Sectarian violence

Gilgit-Baltistan alienation

Fatah-Hamas unity

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Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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