22 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 26, 1435

S.M Naseem

Those who did not vote

THE recently concluded elections to the central and provincial assemblies have aroused serious debate about the...

Between hope and despair

HAVING survived five years of a democratic dispensation and on the cusp of an election, most people are inclined to see a faint ray of hope through the dark clouds.

No change on the horizon

AFTER keeping the country on tenterhooks for almost a month, one of the most farcical melodramas of Pakistani politics ended a week ago in Islamabad — having been taken to the brink of a human tragedy.

The silent bystanders

THE curious rumblings being witnessed on the eve of yet-to-be announced elections in Pakistan can be perceived as a game between entrenched political insiders, mainly consisting of the two major political

Power failure and politics

THE transformational role of energy generally, and of electricity in particular, in the modern world was first articulated by Lenin with the dictum, “Communism is Soviet plus the electrification of the whole country”.

Mirage of education

THE manner in which the goal of universal primary education has been pursued in Pakistan over the past few decades is a matter of national shame.

The growth pendulum

IN an impassioned lecture, under the auspices of the Pakistan Society of Development Economics some days ago in Islamabad, the deputy chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr Nadeemul Haque, tried to swing back the pendulum of development strategy in favou

Welfare state & democracy

IN the last few years, as the economy has continued to regress, the disenchantment with the prevailing political structure has generated a vigorous demand for political change as a means of reversing the economic free-fall and halting public misery.

Times of change

IMRAN Khan’s re-entry into the orbit of mainstream Pakistani politics, after several unsuccessful attempts to launch himself with the aid of a variety of unreliable boosters appeared to have succeeded last month

New global ‘intifada’

IT is hardly a coincidence that after a decade of a purposeless ‘war on terror’ to avenge the equally senseless 9/11...