Shahid Iqbal

Pakistan gets $371m CSF

SBP has received the fund which would help improve the declining foreign exchange reserves of the country.

Dollar rises sharply above Rs103

KARACHI: The rupee depreciated sharply against the US dollar on Monday to cross Rs103, prompting the State Bank ...

Govt borrowing enriches banks

In the second half of the fiscal year 2014, the government borrowed massively through PIBs.

Dollar touches six-month high

KARACHI: The dollar on Wednesday crossed the Rs101-level, both in the inter-bank and open markets, shattering the...

FDI plummets by 80pc in July

The State Bank reported that the FDI fell to just $24 million in July from $119m in the same month last year.

Reserves shrink as SBP repays debt

The SBP reserves are expected to fall further as the bank paid about $147m to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Uncertainty puts rupee under pressure

The currency dealers argued that this was due to large payment of $147 million to IMF and about $100m for oil import.

Savings, investment fall in FY14

Banks investing over 80pc deposits into the government papers, while depositors were facing continuous high inflation.

System failures punish depositors

KARACHI: Ill-equipped bank branches are still struggling to provide uninterrupted satisfactory level of service to...