Sakib Sherani

Ultimate tax haven

Pakistan is an onshore tax-free paradise for millions. Published May 13, 2016 01:36am

Democratic corruption

Democracy is being undermined globally by corruption. Published Apr 29, 2016 03:09am

Offshore tax havens

Democracy and development are being undermined by global tax shelters. Published Apr 15, 2016 02:47am

Green shoots of a turnaround?

Stronger policy action will be required to nurture an incipient economic recovery. Published Mar 18, 2016 01:26am

Beyond PIA

The failure of the public sector underscores the long-term collapse of governance. Published Feb 19, 2016 01:09am

A flock of grey swans

All roads lead to China in the latest convulsions on global markets. Published Jan 22, 2016 01:15am

Debating privatisation

Privatisation is a complex process with merits and demerits. Updated Dec 26, 2015 06:20pm

Searching for a paradigm

There is a disconcerting lack of debate on our development paradigm. Published Dec 11, 2015 02:19am

Widening disconnects

Government claims on the economy do not hold up to scrutiny. Updated Nov 27, 2015 09:01am

Adrift without a plan

The government’s economic management is divorced and desultory. Updated Oct 02, 2015 03:19am

A Pakistan that works

Pakistan is not as dysfunctional and dystopian as it is made out to be. Published Aug 21, 2015 01:27am

Pakistan’s taxation crisis

The state has to restore its moral authority to tax by taxing its elite constituents. Published Aug 07, 2015 03:17am

Productivity challenge

The efficient management of resources is strangely alien to Pakistan’s policymakers. Published Jul 24, 2015 01:09am