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Peerzada Salman

Birwa opens at Gallerie Sadequain

KARACHI: The old Urdu/Hindi adage Honahaar birwa ke chikne chikne paat implies that the potential of a (child)... Published Nov 29, 2015 06:55am

‘Poetry is the mother art’

KARACHI: The language of moving images opens a whole new world for us. Everyone has the urge to connect from inside... Published Nov 19, 2015 07:17am

‘Poets share same human legacy’

KARACHI: We may come from different cultures and speak different languages, but human beings do not differ from each... Published Nov 17, 2015 06:50am

KDA draw for Gulshan

DURING the question and answer session in one of the sessions on the last day of the recently held international... Published Nov 16, 2015 06:56am

Crucible of Fire screened

KARACHI: A private screening of a documentary titled Crucible of Fire delineating the inspiring journey of the Tata... Published Nov 13, 2015 07:48am