Peerzada Salman

History and state discussed

KARACHI: From the time man started to live in groups to Foucault’s take on the modern state, students interested ...

‘Languages have no religion’

KARACHI: The first session on the third day of the 7th International Urdu Conference on Urdu poetry had a little...

‘Urdu is like Kalabagh dam’

KARACHI: The second day of the 7th International Urdu Conference began with a session on the new trends in fiction....

‘Urdu has a bright future’

Of course, Urdu has a bright future, otherwise why would a Sardar be speaking in Urdu: Shaad.

White Cane Safety Day today

KARACHI: It is a sad reflection on the way things function in the country that journalists flock to press ...

Cognition and transcendence

KARACHI: Cognition has to do with reason and knowledge. So when an artist uses this word it sounds a bit strange,...

The dance of democracy

Definitely the performances were fearless in more ways than one.

Teen Talwar: the new protest spot

The former PM had given the go-ahead to the monument’s idea to remind of the motto — faith, unity, discipline.

Narration and imagination

KARACHI: They say history is told from the perspective of the powerful. A debate has been raging for a long time...

Fun and frivolity

Given that the script and characters were familiar to theatre-goers, the production value could have been better.