Peerzada Salman

In the limelight

Peerzada Salman reviews artwork by a dozen young painters and sculptors from Jamshoro.

Calligraphic forms

KARACHI: It is amazing how the art of calligraphy has evolved over hundreds of years, always attracting artists’...

Incubation and art

Seven artists, one aim: to create art with a view to discovering a synergised approach to existence.

Curious, bizarre but brilliant

‘The Bald Soprano’, is a must-see play primarily for the unbridled approach of the actors to their characters.

Jahan-i-digar, another world

KARACHI: It is always fascinating to view anything to do with Iranian art and literature. While contemporary Persian...

Summer (E)scape

Artworks of no fewer than 52 known and less known painters and sculptors are on display at the gallery for over a month.

The Summer Show opens

KARACHI: Summer and art: the two words ostensibly sound incongruous when put together. That’s not the case. The...

Napa convocation held

KARACHI: The National Academy of Performing Arts’ convocation for 2013-14 was held in the academy’s in-house...

Figure it out

What is it in a figure that makes artists go mad about it?