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Peerzada Salman

Heatwave and the working animal

KARACHI: The number of people affected by the deadly heatwave in Sindh in general and Karachi in particular has... Published Jul 02, 2015 06:41am

Calligraphic art on display

KARACHI: Calligraphy is an art form in which letters or nonfigurative shapes turn into figures that are more ... Published Jul 02, 2015 06:41am

The Iftar-cum-dinner season

With iftaar clashing with dinner Karaciites throng to restaurants opting for both Iftar snacks & dinner meals in tandem Updated Jun 29, 2015 10:57am

Wahid Bashir remembered

Friends, relatives and colleagues pay tribute to eminent poet, journalist and trade union activist Wahid Bashir. Updated Jun 28, 2015 10:01am

Truth shall prevail

KARACHI: Some of us harbour the notion that technology has terribly affected the art world, as it has other spheres... Published Jun 23, 2015 06:22am

Bedevilled and benumbed

KARACHI: While discussing with a colleague the craven attitude of writers and poets in Pakistan towards the... Published Jun 19, 2015 07:18am