Peerzada Salman

All about origins

KARACHI: At the heart of existentialist philosophy is the notion that existence precedes essence. It is not a ... Published Oct 31, 2014 06:27am

The day of the dead

KARACHI: It’s Halloween time! Not yet. But it’s definitely that time of year when in some parts of the world,... Published Oct 29, 2014 06:14am

Artist Imran Mir passes away

Imran Mir was one of the founding members of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Updated Oct 29, 2014 09:14am

And the story goes on

Life is full of conflicts and hence artists use the word story to define and redefine life. Updated Oct 24, 2014 08:15am

Book on Urdu nazm’s tradition

KARACHI: A book on the tradition of the Urdu nazm titled Urdu nazm ki azeem riwaet by Sarwar Jawaid was launched at... Published Oct 23, 2014 06:35am

History and state discussed

KARACHI: From the time man started to live in groups to Foucault’s take on the modern state, students interested ... Published Oct 22, 2014 06:33am

‘Languages have no religion’

KARACHI: The first session on the third day of the 7th International Urdu Conference on Urdu poetry had a little... Published Oct 19, 2014 06:03am

‘Urdu is like Kalabagh dam’

KARACHI: The second day of the 7th International Urdu Conference began with a session on the new trends in fiction.... Published Oct 18, 2014 05:14am

‘Urdu has a bright future’

Of course, Urdu has a bright future, otherwise why would a Sardar be speaking in Urdu: Shaad. Published Oct 15, 2014 06:45am

White Cane Safety Day today

KARACHI: It is a sad reflection on the way things function in the country that journalists flock to press ... Published Oct 15, 2014 06:45am

Cognition and transcendence

KARACHI: Cognition has to do with reason and knowledge. So when an artist uses this word it sounds a bit strange,... Published Oct 14, 2014 06:20am

The dance of democracy

Definitely the performances were fearless in more ways than one. Updated Oct 13, 2014 09:17am