Peerzada Salman

Time Stilled opens at Koel

KARACHI: A four-day exhibition of artefacts from the collection of educationist Zulekha and her journalist husband,...

WWI and leap in time

KARACHI: The German cultural weeks for 2014 in Karachi began with an insightful photo exhibition titled Zeitsprung...

Picasso and the blue dogs

What can be clearly gathered after witnessing the exhibits on view is that these boys and girls are loaded with talent.

In memoriam: The artist and the man 

Shahid Sajjad lived on his own terms. His life was dedicated to art and particularly sculpture, a medium which has few

An actor prepares

‘Main Adakara Banun Gi’ is a powerhouse presentation, mainly because of its actors.

A world of images

She is interested, it seems, in the projected images of the people that society is composed of.

Pop art: A case for kitsch

These artworks are popular but lack aesthetic worth due to their melodramatic or over-sentimental nature

In the limelight

Peerzada Salman reviews artwork by a dozen young painters and sculptors from Jamshoro.

Calligraphic forms

KARACHI: It is amazing how the art of calligraphy has evolved over hundreds of years, always attracting artists’...