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British spy agencies may be operating outside law

BRITAIN’S spy agencies may be operating outside the law in the mass internet surveillance programmes uncovered by...

British cabinet kept in dark over spying programmes

A former Liberal Democrat MP admitted he was shocked by the surveillance capabilities leaked by Edward Snowden.

Snowden raised ‘real issues’, admits head of Britain’s spy watchdog

LONDON: The head of the watchdog responsible for scrutinising Britain’s intelligence agencies has defended their...

US, Britain’s spy programmes face legal challenge

The British and US spy programmes that allow intelligence agencies to gather, store and share data on millions of...

UK military expands its drone fleet to 500

The British military now has 500 drones and has been looking for ways to increase the amount of UK airspace in which...

UK sends underwater drones to Gulf

Nineteen underwater drones, some of them from the UK, have been sent to the Gulf as part of a naval operation...

450 military drones lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

LONDON: Almost 450 drones operated by the British military have crashed, broken down or been lost in action during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last five years, figures reveal.

Army redundancies

THE [British] army is expected to set out the details of a fresh redundancy round [today] as it seeks to cut almost 5,000 posts by the end of the year.

Former Obama adviser terms drone attacks counter-productive

THE use of drones by Washington is counter-productive, less effective than the White House claims and is “encouraging a new arms race that will empower current and future rivals and lay the foundations for an international system that is increasingly viol

Seven UK marines arrested over murder in Afghanistan

LONDON, Oct 12: Seven Royal Marines have been arrested on suspicion of murder after one of their colleagues came forward and claimed an insurgent had been killed in a manner that broke the military’s strict rules of engagement

£2 billion in five years: NGO calls for probe into UK spending on drones

LONDON: The UK has spent more than £2bn on buying and developing military drones over the last five years and is poised to commit an extra £2bn for another new unmanned aircraft, according to a report published on

100 arrests in and around Olympic venues

LONDON: Police have made more than 100 arrests in and around Olympic venues across London over the last fortnight, according to figures released by Scotland Yard on Sunday.

War will haunt West, says ex-adviser to US general

A British woman who worked at the top of the US military during the most troubled periods of the Iraq war has said she fears the West has yet to see how some Muslims brought up in the last decade will seek revenge

Concern over UK arms sales

ON the face of it, and in light of the widespread condemnation of Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, it might seem odd that the UK is still granting licences for the export of armoured 4x4 vehicles to Syria.

Jamaica flights bring drugs to UK

LONDON: A senior British diplomat in Jamaica provoked a furore the other day by claiming that more than one in 10...


Judiciary and tolerance

Strains already

Antisocial media

Instant ‘justice’


Scope of suo motu

Another attack on the media

Army security for polio teams

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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