Dr Niaz Murtaza

A worthwhile state?

Poor governance has limited the potential we inherited.

The last rebellion?

Pakistanis are on the lookout for a statesperson.

Strong institutions

Political parties have undermined state institutions’ legitimacy.

Courting disasters

We are said to be the third most vulnerable country to climate change.

A just war?

Baloch resistance, based on actual grievances, has kept resurfacing.

Unfair polls?

ACCUSING the PML-N, caretakers, the Election Commission and judiciary of unprecedented rigging against it in 2013,...

An elected regime

THE PML-Q and Pakistan Awami Tehreek have vowed to topple the PML-N government soon because of its...

Small-town Pakistan

Frustration is attracting people to false promises of change.

Genuine democracy

TERMING the current system as a sham democracy, Dr Tahirul Qadri has promised genuine democracy in Pakistan through ...

Dangerous power

Soft power can be a weapon against democracy.

Famine: the other factors

UNDER today’s inequitable global economic system, some unfortunate people and places only attract attention when...

The Indian within

AS India and Pakistan struggle to resolve their political differences presently, there is an India/Pakistan-related...

The Mohajir question

ALTAF Hussain’s demand for a separate province, despite subsequent clarifications, has reignited debate on the...

The hunger challenge

RECENT studies reveal rising inflation and unemployment creating high misery for people. Fuelled by these adverse...

‘Tuk-tuk’ governance

NUMEROUS articles had appeared around the 90- to 100-day mark of the PML-N government to review its initial...

The ‘Pakistani’ psyche

NATIONAL or group psyche represents the idea that different nations or groups possess distinctive psychological...

Pakistani exceptionalism

AMERICA’S progress since 1945 has undoubtedly been exceptional. However, American ‘exceptionalism’ is the...