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Fractured conservatism

Conservative infighting does not help the liberals.

Famine: the other factors

UNDER today’s inequitable global economic system, some unfortunate people and places only attract attention when...

The Indian within

AS India and Pakistan struggle to resolve their political differences presently, there is an India/Pakistan-related...

The Mohajir question

ALTAF Hussain’s demand for a separate province, despite subsequent clarifications, has reignited debate on the...

The hunger challenge

RECENT studies reveal rising inflation and unemployment creating high misery for people. Fuelled by these adverse...

‘Tuk-tuk’ governance

NUMEROUS articles had appeared around the 90- to 100-day mark of the PML-N government to review its initial...

The ‘Pakistani’ psyche

NATIONAL or group psyche represents the idea that different nations or groups possess distinctive psychological...

Need for pro-poor fiscal adjustment

Pakistan's fiscal deficit was around eight per cent of GDP at the end of fiscal year 2013.

Pakistani exceptionalism

AMERICA’S progress since 1945 has undoubtedly been exceptional. However, American ‘exceptionalism’ is the...

Terrorism: flawed theories

WHY do people blow themselves up to kill others? There are two approaches to understanding terrorism. The amateur...

Mismatch between means and ends

After months of speculation, Pakistan has finally signed yet another loan agreement with IMF for $6.7bn.

Gaps in the system

IN large diverse countries, two layers of governance only — federal and provincial — generally

Focus on pro-poor growth strategy

PML-N leaders frequently discuss building bullet train networks & regional economic corridors to revitalise the economy.

People over politicians

Pakistan’s first-ever smooth democratic transition has completed successfully. However, democracy must start...

Piggybacking on China?

PM Sharif has repeatedly emphasised the enormous benefit of an economic corridor from Gwadar to Kashgar.

Children of lesser gods

PERSECUTING people holding other racial, ethnic and religious identities has unfortunately been an enduring human...

Denied citizenship

FOR most of human history, formal states and associated rights of citizenship did not exist. Even where states...

Changing trends

POLITICAL parties differ in a variety of ways, eg in their ideology, their leadership’s socio-economic background...

Evaluating poll credibility

CREDIBLE elections are the gateway to democratic governance. Election credibility depends upon the quality of their...

Dealing with ex-dictators

DICTATORS deposed by death largely become subjects of historical work subsequently. However, dictators who ...


Afghan election and beyond

Education guidelines

The CAR is crashing

An unequal battle


Life without dignity

One-way ‘talks’

Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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