Mohammad Waseem

An hourglass society

POLITICS in Pakistan operates at two thinly connected levels representing a non-delivering ruling mechanism at one end, and perennially and potentially protesting masses at the other.

Senate gains and losses

THE 2008 elections cast their shadow on the Senate elections first in 2009 as a reflection of a transition to democracy and then in 2012 — significantly though ironically — despite the recent political developments

The games they play

THE passage of the 20th Amendment in the National Assembly has kicked off election talk if not election fever.

Divided we lose

THE judiciary has divided the nation. There are those who support its various contentions against the executive based on the law and legal proceedings.

Rethinking the discourse

THOSE of us who participate in intellectual discussion through reading and writing, speaking on TV or in other public forums, or indulge in an exchange of opinion in various informal social settings constantly interact with

A hydra-headed conflict

THE memo affair shows that there is a hydra-headed conflict in Pakistan. It has sent all the decorum and the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the state authority that underscored the political dynamics down the drain.

Dangerous moments

IN recent days, Pakistan experienced extremely tense moments, ranging from a series of memogate revelations hitting right, left and centre, followed by their reverberation in the Supreme Court hearings, to

A conflict zone

WHAT is most in jeopardy? Relations between Washington and Islamabad, between the civil and military wings of the state

Big change, small screen

THE TV screen is rapidly politicising the public. The 24/7 news channels show the actual faces of politicians, judges, criminals as well as men in uniform, including police and Rangers, on the screen

Political realignment?

IMRAN Khan is the talk of the town. Is the political landscape changing? Are the contenders of power realigning? Khan’s gain at the Minar-i-Pakistan is generally understood as the PML-N’s loss

Beyond judicial activism

WILL the Supreme Court verdict on the NRO destabilise the current political dispensation? Has it revived the spirit...

A tale of two classes

IN Pakistan, two dominant classes compete with each other for influence and privilege. One is the middle class, ...

Politics on the boil

THE PPP government is again facing a crisis. How does one locate its current position on the political landscape? Is...

A brainstorming visit

THE hallmark of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton`s recent visit to Pakistan was an innovative style of...

Challenges of the war

THERE are four major actors on the political stage of Pakistan as far as the war against terror is concerned...

The grand debate

CURRENTLY the people of Pakistan are operating like the blind men who tried to make sense of an elephant by touching...

Challenges of dualism

THE nation desperately wanted to hear those words which Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani spoke after taking the vote...