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Playing with fire

Saudi Arabia’s anxiety is rooted in several factors.

Contours of the threat

The TTP will pose a continuous and sustained challenge.

What’s the plan?

EVEN when times get as bad as this, there are a few things that don’t worry me. I am not worried that we face a...

Regional connectivity

IT is easy to be wise after the event. And one such wisdom has it that our blocking India’s commercial access to...

Digital snooping

IMAGINE viewing the digital log of your daily life. Your day started with the alarm going off on your smart phone....

Far behind in the race

WHEN the rupee started to weaken earlier this year, the government responded by intervening in the currency ...

Defining terrorism

SO it appears the government is putting in place legislation intended to give state authority the upper hand against...

Jackpot boomtowns

MELBOURNE’S reputation as the world’s most liveable city is well deserved. I spent most of last year there. As...

Syrian calculations

THE international community appears polarised over the issue of attacking Syria. This is not the first time the...

From Gwadar to Kashgar

TWO and a half hours flying time from Islamabad lies Urumqi, capital of China’s Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region....

Restructuring PIA

PAKISTAN’S national airline lost Rs33 billion last year. This is more than what a fully loaded Boeing 777 would...

Paying it off

SO we are told that the government plans to retire the circular debt and restore power supplies. Under the present...

Restoring power supplies

TALK of efficient and inefficient power generation plants at this stage is largely a red herring. It detracts focus...

Will loadshedding end?

HOW long will we live with loadshedding? Will the next government be able to fix the problem during its term? I ...

Rumours and conspiracies

WASN’T the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan said to have been about our warm waters? Never mind whether it was the Cold War or Charlie Wilson’s war, wasn’t there the obscure theory that the USSR, not having maritime access commensurate with its superpower s

Don’t talk, fight

NAWAZ Sharif was recently heard saying that if the Americans can talk to the Taliban in Afghanistan then why can’t Pakistan talk to the TTP?

War without end

THE major point of contention between the Afghan Taliban and International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) is the Taliban’s insistence that all foreign forces leave Afghanistan when the drawdown ends in 2014.

Policy before transport

THE Punjab government says that the metro bus project has been completed at a cost of nearly Rs30 billion. By the time all the invoices are in, the final figure may well be considerably higher.

Offshore oil and gas

SOME time ago over a dinner in Rome an Italian friend had introduced me to Enrio Marcella, a marine scientist from Naples.

A refreshing breeze

FOLLOWING a splendid lunch of char-grilled pomfret and chili crabs I was lying — with our beach hut behind me — on the sand facing the shimmering ocean.


Afghan election and beyond

Education guidelines

The CAR is crashing

An unequal battle


Life without dignity

One-way ‘talks’

Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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