Mamun M. Adil

Rewriting Blyton

Many of Enid Blyton’s much-loved works have been given subtle new touches, impacting the original style Updated Mar 06, 2016 07:54am

Aurora: Crazy about technology

Asad Memon, Managing Director at Creative Chaos, believes in having ‘a work-life balance.’ Updated Feb 19, 2015 01:21pm

Revisiting Kurachee...

A travel back in time to the Karachi of the late 1800s and early 1900s shows what made it 'The Glory of the East'. Updated Apr 10, 2015 11:19am

FICTION: Archie lives on

ON April 9, Archie Comics revealed that Archie Andrews was going to die. As it turned out, thankfully, he wasn’t... Published Aug 03, 2014 07:35am

Goodbye, Archie

We could relate to the awkward bumbling teenager because, like us, he too was far from perfect. Updated Apr 11, 2014 03:44pm

Bollywood: fascinating as ever

First Day First Show: Writings from the Bollywood Trenches contains a selection of some of Chopra’s best film reviews Updated Oct 21, 2013 02:15pm

Over 800 attend PAS awards ceremony

KARACHI, April 27: Over 800 advertising, marketing and media professionals attended the third Pakistan ... Published Apr 28, 2013 02:32am

Book review: Clifton Bridge

Clifton Bridge encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions; be it despair, hope, hatred, jealousy, fear or courage, it is love that seeps through all. Published Apr 21, 2013 08:51am