Mamun Adil

FICTION: Archie lives on

ON April 9, Archie Comics revealed that Archie Andrews was going to die. As it turned out, thankfully, he wasn’t...

Goodbye, Archie

We could relate to the awkward bumbling teenager because, like us, he too was far from perfect.

Bollywood: fascinating as ever

First Day First Show: Writings from the Bollywood Trenches contains a selection of some of Chopra’s best film reviews

Book review: Clifton Bridge

Clifton Bridge encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions; be it despair, hope, hatred, jealousy, fear or courage, it is love that seeps through all.

The Empress returns

Fifteen years after Judaai (how’s that for irony?) Sridevi makes a comeback with English Vinglish. And what a comeback it is.

Film in 2011

2011’s top 10 global box office hits were filled with magic, supernatural creatures, outlandish vehicles and animated animals, and ensured that we will see more sequels in 2012

What have they done to Tintin?!

I’m not sure about how I feel about Spielberg’s latest flick, The Adventures Of Tintin, which is based on the ...

The return of the smurf

The Smurfs movie was released in Pakistan in 3D just last week. And while it has opened to mixed reviews globally,...

NOSTALGIA: Rewind, please

Television viewers never had it so good as they do now. After all, unlike the days of the one and only channel, PTV,...