Mahir Ali

The Caracas crunch

Chavistas are expressing their disappointment with Maduro. Published May 25, 2016 04:13am

The Dilma disaster

Roussef faces an impeachment trial by a largely hostile senate. Published May 18, 2016 01:34am

Europe’s regression

There is growing support for right-wing extremism. Published May 11, 2016 01:34am

Labour’s own goals

The British Labour Party’s defensive posture is not surprising. Published May 04, 2016 06:10am

The Bard’s appeal

Shakespeare’s popularity extends across the world. Published Apr 27, 2016 06:44am

Phil Ochs’ legacy

The anti-war American singer committed suicide 40 years ago. Published Apr 06, 2016 01:08am

Easter massacre

What was wrought under the aegis of Zia has never been rolled back. Updated Mar 30, 2016 09:58am

Obama in Havana

The US-Cuba thaw has been a long time coming. Published Mar 23, 2016 07:12am

Europe’s crisis

Not many European countries have opened their doors to refugees. Published Mar 16, 2016 01:19am

UK’s EU dilemma

Cameron may see his tenure cut short. Published Mar 09, 2016 02:32am

Exorcising Stalin

One could look upon Khrushchev and Gorbachev as noble failures. Published Mar 02, 2016 01:23am

In the same mould

The JNU saga mirrors the mindset in Pakistan. Published Feb 24, 2016 06:53am

Putin’s blitz

Russia’s not the only guilty party in Syria. Published Feb 17, 2016 01:35am

The Sanders moment

A Sanders presidency can represent a transformation. Published Feb 10, 2016 01:08am

Polluted democracy

Only Sanders is likely to challenge the status quo. Published Feb 03, 2016 04:39am

More pain, no gain

The plan to root out terrorism leaves much to be desired. Published Jan 27, 2016 06:44am

Forgotten American

There was a time when Robeson was anything but obscure. Published Jan 20, 2016 01:09am

Korean conundrum

Whatever the Koreans detonated, it wasn’t a firecracker. Published Jan 13, 2016 07:18am

Fire and rain

The key disasters of 2015 were man-made. Updated Dec 30, 2015 10:56am