Mahir Ali

Turkish conundrum

Turkey has been ambivalent about the US-led campaign against IS.

The pandemic panic

Cuba’s is a constant presence in disaster zones across the globe.

Politics of fear

Fear is an invaluable political device.

Patterns of abuse

Much of the child sex abuse within Pakistani communities in the UK is unreported.

Aye for Scotland?

The message was: you’ll be ruined if you choose independence.

Russia and the West

It certainly won’t pay to provoke Vladimir Putin.

Armageddon can wait

The IS project can be foiled only with the cooperation of Iraqi Sunnis.

US in black & white

Victimisation by the police of non-whites is all too common.

Parallel politics

In some ways, Khan and Qadri are not too different from those they seek to displace.

The thief executive

Much of the US was relieved when Nixon resigned.

Lest we forget

There was no noble principle at stake in the First World War.

Plane truths

A probe into the MH17 crash may not be conclusive.

War against boats

ON Monday, the High Court of Australia granted a temporary injunction against the transfer of 153 Sri Lankan...

Arc of inevitability

IRAQ is up for grabs, Syria has irretrievably been damaged, the West Bank sits on a powder keg. And that’s just ...

Not such a Great War

BACK in 2008, in the wake of Russia’s conflict with Georgia over South Ossetia, Moscow’s ambassador to Nato,...

Crack(pot)s in Iraq

AS Iraq hovers on the brink of a sectarian civil war, raising the prospect of the bloodiest partition since India ...

Five for one

THE political firestorm that has engulfed the United States in the wake of the prisoner exchange earlier this month...

Bangkok under the boot

Opposition to the Thai coup has been manifesting itself daily.