Kipling poems discovered by US scholar

london: Kipling scholars are celebrating the publication of lost poems by the author whose exhortations in If to “keep your head when all about you/Are losing theirs and blaming it on you” are regularly voted the nation’s favourite poem

Games editors play

AN eminent former editor of the Oxford English Dictionary covertly deleted thousands of words because of their foreign origins and bizarrely blamed previous editors, according to claims in a book published this week.

E-book deal

FEAR and loathing among the movers and shakers of America`s publishing industry have reached new heights with both...

A worthy winner for the Lost Booker

LONDON Winning the Booker prize almost 40 years ago for The Siege of Krishnapur, JG Farrell used his acceptance...

Blair`s memoirs

TONY Blair`s memoirs, signed for an estimated GBP5m almost three years ago, will be published in September, Random...