Khadim Hussain

New scenarios

The new Afghan government faces many challenges.

Twisted narrative

With what magic wand do the sit-in leaders plan to bring change?

New splinter group

Turf and kitty can be a bone of contention among militants.

Missing debate

There is no alternative discourse to counter the militants’ narrative.

Language imperilled

Emphasis on English and Urdu has been at the cost of linguistic diversity.

Lessons from Swat

The state can learn a lot from the 2009 Operation Rah-i-Rast.

The IDP conundrum

OFFICIAL statistics show that thousands have been internally displaced from North Waziristan in the run-up to...

How it happened

THROUGH a high-profile attack on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi a few days ago, the terror network in...

A complex matrix

A NUMBER of events in the last two weeks in the southern part of Fata and renewed militant attacks in northern Fata...

Afghan transition

Islamabad and Kabul can gain from economic cooperation.

Opening minds

Students must be encouraged to question, think & express.

Pigeonholed mindset

Afghans and Pakistanis share more than they think.

Ambiguous discourse

The ‘good vs bad’ Taliban indicates a confused discourse.

Broad brushstrokes

THOUGH the National Internal Security Policy (NISP) was announced in the National Assembly on Feb 26 before being...

Spectre of targeted killings

TWO-YEAR-OLD Zala, cradled in her uncle’s arms and chewing gum, was completely unaware that she was participating...

Flawed Fata discourse

THE Fata tribal region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be in the spotlight in the wake of the Nato drawdown from...