Jonathan Freedland

Obama now needs to focus on Israel

LONDON: There was no hesitation in pointing out the obvious loser from last weekend’s breakthrough deal between ...

Failure poses a danger beyond Egypt

**LONDON: Even the most global events, those whose reverberations are felt far beyond their borders, are rooted in

Data collection by NSA damages Obama

LONDON: Among the guests at the fabled Bilderberg meeting, held this weekend just outside London, were the top brass...

Funeral designed to elevate Thatcher above politics

LONDON: If it’s true that Margaret Thatcher’s name will be remembered long into the future, these will be among the pictures that will recall her memory. A coffin draped in the union flag, borne slowly by gun

Obama must go to Israel with a message

LONDON: This should be a rare moment of hope. On Friday night, Israel got a new government and in a few days it will be treated to a US presidential visit, the first of Barack Obama’s second term. You’d think that, like

Israel in danger of shift to far right after polls

LONDON: In a week when the dead number 60,000 in Syria — a figure considered an underestimate by the UN body that produced it — it can seem like displacement activity to speak of any other topic in the region. It is Syria, surely, that matters most, a sla

US constitution: a hurdle in the way of gun reform

LONDON: We watch their movies, we eat their fast food. Their culture has become global culture. So it always comes as a shock to realise how different Americans are from everyone else. The massacre in Newtown horrified even those who thought themselves in

Republicans face five stages of political grief

WASHINGTON: My election night was spent among the grieving. Most didn’t know they were going to a wake when they headed to the grand ballroom of the Boston Convention Centre on Tuesday night. On the contrary,

Real Romney relaxed among the filthy rich

LONDON: If only the politicians would tell us what they really think, we say. If only they’d drop the soundbites and the focus-group-tested messaging and give it to us straight. Two politicians did just that this

Games reveal another kind of Britain

THE finish line is in sight. After two weeks of exertion, of triumph and dejection, of glittering victory and head-down defeat that have been the focus not just of British attention but of the gaze of the entire world, the London Olympics of 2012 will soo

A battle for the entire Middle East

IT looks a lot like the end. Just as viewers of a movie franchise know the formula so well, they can tell when the final reel is under way, so we’re getting used to the way Arab revolutions unfold — and sense that the signs

As crisis deepens, politicians shrink

IT used to be so simple. Voting was like driving: turn the wheel left and the car would move left, nudge it right and it would shift right. All that it took to effect a national change in direction was a majority of

A dignified exit

SO now the Lib Dems are faced with an offer Labour believes they cannot refuse — a rainbow coalition made up of ...

Clegg`s dilemma

NICK Clegg, leader of Britain`s Liberal Democrats, knew this moment was coming and he dreaded it. In the closing ...

Cameron on way to victory

THE televised debates have electrified the election campaign and the final one may well have settled it. It did not...

A critical test of Obama`s resolve

SO there are limits to the magician`s powers. For a moment there, when the footage from Tehran showed young women...