Dilawar Hussain

Corporate sector profits soar

Growth in cumulative corporate profit was primarily driven by oil and gas (E&P) companies and banks

Chinese investors pull back

Masood Textile resolves to make an equity investment of Rs200m in an associate company to set up a 12MW plant.

Drilling out more oil

New discoveries continue to replenish dwindling output from old wells. Last week, PPL announced the discovery ...

Light at the end of the tunnel

K-Electric is planning to invest $350m to improve its transmission and distribution network

Attock’s rising market share

The oil marketing company was able to outpace the industry’s growth of 8pc due to aggressive retail expansion, but

Foreign buyers for stakes in bourses

Three parties have finally gone beyond the EoIs for the acquisition of a controlling stake in the country’s capital

EFoods’ focus on market share

Engro Foods’ ice cream business witnessed its highest-ever sales of Rs1.2bn in the second quarter, ...

Upgrading credit rating agencies

Most market strategists agree that credit rating in a developing country like Pakistan is a ‘hazardous minefield’....

Facing uncertain times

The power company would be less vulnerable to rising circular debt because of its ability to pass on incremental debt

Bestway buys Lafarge for $329m

The sale price corresponded to an enterprise value (EV) of 100pc at $329m. The deal is subject to adjustments specified

Bulls toss stocks to all-time high

The heavyweight OGDCL posted good gains of R5.01, which alone accounted for addition of around 85 points to the index.

Stock market boom

Some market players attribute the equities’ good performance to rising foreign portfolio investment, the country’...