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Corporates striving to consolidate under one roof

'Eventually, smaller financial institutions would have to integrate into bigger units or drown in a sea of competition.'

IGI Insurance acquires American Life

KARACHI: In a major buyout deal in the country's insurance sector, IGI Insurance Limited has acquired ...

Cement sector in the eye of the storm

Two significant upcoming events have the potential to break the price and production arrangement among cement makers.

Putting the best foot forward

The CEO of Service Industries says the management is focused on raising the company’s share in the domestic and export

Oil discovery at all-time high in March

The oil and gas exploration companies were able to drill out 92,905 barrels of oil per day in March 2014.

Volatility in a shallow market

By the turn of the week, the index rallied back to its pre-crisis level, as foreign investors returned to value-buying.

Anomalies hamper steel production

Aisha Steel Mills, a joint venture between a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and local investors, has a nameplate

Analysis: Foreign investors booking profit

Economists are glad the rupee has overpowered the US dollar.

‘Govt. to raise $1.5bn from sale of OGDC, PPL, UBL stakes’

The PML-N govt has stepped forward to trigger the privatisation process, which had remained stalled for over 7 years.

discount rate factored in stock values

One in two stock market pundits scored the point as the State Bank of Pakistan announced status quo on the discount...

Digging deeper into the ‘high risk, high reward’ business

THE Oil and Gas Development Company — the energy giant — stands tall over all the companies listed on the...

Listed textile companies excited over prospects

KARACHI: The recently released financial figures by the textile companies are unimpressive. Yet, going forward,...

Emerging capital spending trends

Corporations are opening up their coffers for capital spending, as Pakistani entrepreneurs are even venturing abroad.

Large-scale units switch over to alternatives for energy

KARACHI: The country’s large-scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has started to grapple with the energy shortage...

154-year-old still going strong

“The company has completed 154 years of operation, making it one of the oldest public companies in the sub-continent.”

Putting provident funds at risk

The draft rules on investment by employees’ provident funds in listed securities have been censured by several groups.

Govt-Karkey saga takes a new turn

On Jan 31, Karkey — the Turkish energy firm — filed a claim at WB’s ICSID seeking $2.1bn damages against Pakistani govt.

Forensic report awaited on KSE data leakage

SECP has instructed KSE management to share the results of investigations as soon as it is concluded.

Growing ceramic market

GONE are the days when ‘ceramics’ were synonymous with tiles used to decorate home floorings. The material is ...

New PF rules put employee savings into jeopardy

KARACHI: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) draft of “Employees’ Provident Fund in listed...


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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