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Identity crisis: The Pakistani Brits & the British Spaniards

One cannot help juxtaposing the criticism of non-integration that many level at Pakistanis living in Britain.

India & Pakistan: Business without borders

While we may ask whether the new government can mend Pak-India ties, we should also seek ways for citizens to connect.

Olympian fast bowlers and dancing horses

With the Olympics, the spirit of sport appears to have at last done what it promised to do – inspire.

Post conflict women: Iraq – Hope and violence

Despite being the givers of life in a country so familiar with death, Iraqi women are not valued in society.

Little voice

We could honor Malala by rediscovering authentic individual voices. Don’t wait for a gruesome attack to read these quiet words.

It’s not about death and water skiing squirrels

My argument has been to retrain journalists to present news that is dramatic, but that isn’t necessarily negative, writes Caroline Jaine.

Fanning the flames in Karachi

The perception of Karachi by the media is often presented as a violent city – its plurality, commercial centres and hospitable inhabitants overlooked.

When you get there ...

The arrival of migrants inevitably has an effect on British society. The food, language and culture changes – and that is something to be celebrated.

Olympian fast bowlers and dancing horses

With the Olympics, the spirit of sport appears to have at last done what it promised to do – inspire.

Oil and murder (again)

The Myanmar riots really have come at a bad time. Now, any good news on the country will be forced to carry the caveat of murder.

Nothing but the truth

“Can you live with the fact that for events such as the death of Bin Laden, you might not ever know an ultimate truth?”

A Pakistani Olympic torch bearer

It feels as if at last the Olympics are beginning to be about the people and the sport – not about the security concerns.

Over the drone of drones

During refugee week, let’s look a little differently at Fata and KP and not get caught up in the media stereotyping of an area – and if possible, hear the voices of people.

Political art and Pakistan

There is fierce debate about whether art changes or simply reflects society but there is no doubt that it contributes positively to debate and open society.

Too dangerous for the Games?

For Londoners, the Olympics have turned their city more into a military zone than the centre of fun and excitement.

Hate-mail and book burnings

The Nazis, like the Taliban, the USSR, Qin Dynasty, Pinochet’s regime and many others had policies of burning books. Perhaps because they understood that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Acid attacks and Pakistani schizophrenia

“While there is an absolute elation for the Oscar success of ‘Saving Face', there is also a dark feeling in the pit of my stomach which asks why for this film?”

“There are no street children in Pakistan”

Here is space to look at the remarkable people who do not turn a blind eye to the ills of Pakistan’s most vulnerable.

Sunshine and rain on Talat Hussain

English drizzle welcomed Pakistani journalist, Talat Hussain, to Cambridge this weekend. Hosted by the University’s...

The British Pakistani Diaspora: The core of Smart Power

In my last article I was stopped in my tracks from writing about the potential value of engaging females in the...


Misguided optimism

Late call for unity

Politics as parody

Piety and cheating


Sectarian violence

Gilgit-Baltistan alienation

Fatah-Hamas unity

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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