Stories for: Anwer Mooraj

Art fiend: The two faces of detail

In the contemporary world, with its fierce competition and bucketfuls of organic new age anxiety, all kinds of...

Exhibition: Daddy dearest

When I was in Saigon last February a chap who ran an art gallery showed me a painting which he described as a...

Art fiend: Post no bills

Toulouse-Lautrec made them and so did Andy Warhol. Since the dawn of the 20th century, when they first became ...

Karachi: Romance in ruins

Karachi has come a long, long way from 1946, when it was a tiny fishing village of around 300,000 inhabitants, to ...

Bookmark: The Euro Journey of Lailamah Giselle Khan

THIS is a remarkable little book where each new day brings a whirlwind of adventure, emotion, possibility and hope....

Art fiend: Two budding artists try to conquer space

Last Sunday a new art gallery called Spaces sprung up like ripened corn in the beleaguered city of Karachi. It was a...

Pop art: A trap without shackles

"Trapped" have produced a series of pictorial testimonials each of which comes with an exclamation mark.

Poignant works: Somebody did eat the butterflies

It isn’t easy to describe the paintings by Muhammad Ali which are currently adorning the walls of Canvas Gallery, Karachi.

Art fiend: A fresh harvest and hoary old chestnuts

Last Monday, after a boiling sky discharged a wilderness of electricity, and the tension of traffic drooped into one long aimless scene of hooting horns on the street, I trampled through the early monsoon slush and

Art work: Paying homage through script

As a rule I do not review the works of a calligrapher. First, because I do not consider the genre as what is universally recognised as art, irrespective of how much embellishment is wrapped around the words. Second,

Exhibition: A tantalising switch

I would never miss an exhibition by Marium Khan, Her work has a wistful charm and an innocence which is fetching. The first exhibition of hers which I attended at the National Museum was in January 2010. I was at

Hitzlberger enthrals audience by playing Liszt

A selection made with perspicacity and compassion and piano playing of brilliance.

Jazz flavoured with Desi spice

KARACHI, Sept 21: As a hard-core devotee and enthusiast of both western and the subcontinental classical music, the only jazz that I occasionally enjoy is the sort that was played in the 1930s and 1940s in the United States.

Tehran should make nuclear ship fuel: Tehran Website

A hypothetical fleet of nuclear-powered ships would be an additional justification to bolster Iran’s claim that it needs higher enrichment for peaceful purposes.

Art fiend: When teachers became artists

A glimpse of the works of 17 faculty members who collectively put up 40 exhibits. It was a case of teacher turning artist.

Concert Italian style

KARACHI, Nov 5: I had never heard of the ensemble of Italian musicians that operates under the moniker of Sweet...

A dazzling piano recital

KARACHI, Oct 27: The Goethe Institut, which is the only foreign cultural centre in Karachi that hosts music concerts...

Art fiend: A fresh informality

Now that autumn has set in there has been a fresh stirring in Karachi’s art world and it is business as usual in the...

Art fiend: A fresh informality

Now that autumn has set in there has been a fresh stirring in Karachi`s art world and it is business as usual in the...

Homage: The Fauvist interlude

In the last two articles this reviewer commented on the Post-Impressionists and the German Expressionists, ...


A state of anarchy

Rape and restitution

Bard for our times

Bridging the abyss


Militant groups in Punjab

Railways: debatable priorities

Surge in Karachi violence

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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