Stories for: Muhammad Umar Memon

COLUMN: Abdullah Hussein — living in exilic mode

IF memory serves me right, it was 1963. Like many young adults of my generation, I too had — as Manto’s idiotic...

COLUMN: Hasan Manzar — neglected chronicler of man

Manzar’s mimetic strategy is pointed away from abstraction, allegorical meaning ... it is grounded in stark realism

COLUMN: Ra’epuri’s ‘Literature and Life’ and the progressives

To say I enjoyed Akhtar Husain Ra’epuri’s Gard-e-Raah (1984) would be an understatement

COLUMN: Crystal sugar and refined sugar: translation and its warts

The percentage of literacy in Pakistan is deplorably low and the share of Urdu in that still less

Column: Requiem for vanished hopes: Intizar Husain's early fiction

The present, 34 years too late but rather euphoric hullabaloo over Intizar Husain's Basti is perhaps the appropriate...


The world around us

Loudness and clarity

The Pakhtun question

Missing trade unions


For economic stability

Ulema’s call

Who’ll drive out the pests?

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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