Stories for: Muhammad Umar Memon

COLUMN: Abdullah Hussein — living in exilic mode

IF memory serves me right, it was 1963. Like many young adults of my generation, I too had — as Manto’s idiotic...

COLUMN: Hasan Manzar — neglected chronicler of man

Manzar’s mimetic strategy is pointed away from abstraction, allegorical meaning ... it is grounded in stark realism

COLUMN: Ra’epuri’s ‘Literature and Life’ and the progressives

To say I enjoyed Akhtar Husain Ra’epuri’s Gard-e-Raah (1984) would be an understatement

COLUMN: Crystal sugar and refined sugar: translation and its warts

The percentage of literacy in Pakistan is deplorably low and the share of Urdu in that still less

Column: Requiem for vanished hopes: Intizar Husain's early fiction

The present, 34 years too late but rather euphoric hullabaloo over Intizar Husain's Basti is perhaps the appropriate...

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Madressah reform difficulty

End of a crisis

The dissension within

Universities’ challenge


More than money needed

Measuring poverty

Lure of the blue passport

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