Amin Valliani

The Eid message

Believers should understand the purpose of sacrifice.

The middle path

SOME beliefs are life-negating while others are life-embracing. Islam is unique in its message that a believer ...

Gender relations

MAN and woman are the two wheels of human civilisation. They both spring from the same root and draw their life...

Importance of reading

THE first command of Allah is about reading (96:1). Generally, reading means to make sense of a written text....

The value of good deeds

HUMAN life is mortal. However, it can be made immortal by performing lasting good deeds. According to the Quran,...

The greatest gift

ALLAH has blessed humanity with innumerable bounties to be grateful for. But the most important of them all is the...

Nature of life

ELABORATING on the nature of human life is one of the important themes of the Quran. Life is not all happiness, nor...

Wonders of the mind

THE human mind is one of the greatest signs of Allah. Islam places immense importance on the human mind. It requires...

The value of time

MODERN society is beset with many ills, including a careless attitude towards the value of time. This is often a...

Earning a livelihood

HUMAN life is made up of problems. Every one of us faces various issues, but perhaps the greatest problem one is...

Spirit of brotherhood

THE Muslim ummah makes up a sizeable chunk of the world population. It is spread widely across the globe but faces...

The culture of consumerism

With the dawn of modernisation and urbanisation the old living patterns have been broken.

Quarrelsome behaviour

WE see no time in human history devoid of wars and killing. Human history is full of such events. Every nation takes pride in its heroes who fought wars against its enemies.

Caring for the earth

THE earth and its environment are the most valuable assets for all creation. Be it the tiniest insect or a gargantuan creature, all are dependent on the earth’s resources.

Importance of discipline

AT many places in the Holy Quran there is reference to the universe and its different phenomena. It invites us to reflect on the working of all celestial bodies and learn lessons in order to be successful in life.

Role of the family

ISLAM recognises the importance of the family. It is a natural and fundamental unit of society. If all families of a given society are conscious of their roles and responsibilities in creating and developing healthy,

Islam on good governance

NO nation can dream of development without good governance. It is an essential prerequisite for all state and non-state organisations to abide by the principles of good governance in order to move forward

The power of words

EVERY organ of the human body is valuable but the tongue, through which we speak, is the most important in the whole scheme of our relationship with the society around us.

Learning from life

HUMAN life is a great and noble gift from the Almighty with a purpose to be realised.

Economic disparity

IN all societies and in all epochs, human beings have been confronted by disparity. This can be observed in every aspect of life. One can see disparity in economic and social spheres and also in educational or