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Afshan Subohi

Sindh budget — urban renewal

Sindh budget to provide greater allocations for visible development projects in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur. Updated May 25, 2015 08:16am

Budget 2015-16: hunger for growth

It is difficult for the cash-strapped government to present a ‘please-all budget’ for fiscal year 2015-16. Updated May 18, 2015 08:04am

Capital seeks foreign outlets

Local companies have expanded into countries in Middle East, Far East and South Asia, as well as in Canada, UK and US. Updated May 11, 2015 08:43am

Labour stress

The effects of labour mismanagement are not limited to the working masses but encompass the whole economy. Updated May 04, 2015 09:50am

Hiccups in free trade agreements

Islamabad has not yet resolved issue of cess imposed by Sri Lanka on pipe and tube imports, leading to export losses. Updated May 04, 2015 09:14am

Brisk sales of appliances

China reaping benefits of Pakistan's changing lifestyle, as it exports bulk of key components used in home appliances. Updated Apr 06, 2015 08:22am

Stagnant exports

Pakistan’s exports have been stagnant for the last four years (since FY10-11), vacillating in a narrow band of $24-25bn. Updated Apr 01, 2015 01:41am

Price range of summer fabrics

At the lower end of cotton fabrics market, prices are stable; but at higher end, customers are clinching value deals. Updated Mar 24, 2015 09:01am

Springtime for fabrics market

Size of the cotton fabric market has been projected to expand at the normal pace of about 5pc in 2014-15. Updated Mar 16, 2015 09:37am

High-tech pioneers

‘Pakistan has all it takes for a business to succeed: an expanding market; high level of connectivity; a young, tech Published Mar 09, 2015 12:04pm

Move for national consensus deal

Building a national consensus through parliamentary endorsement is generally considered both desirable and doable. Updated Mar 02, 2015 07:57am

Why shipping fails to sail?

Shipping is a high risk, high return business that needs a free environment to prosper. Updated Feb 16, 2015 08:18am

Is inflation underreported?

FAMILIES find it harder to cover basic household expenses within their budgets. They experience a higher rate of... Published Feb 02, 2015 06:42am