Mubarak Ali

Divided by faith

Religious conflict stems from failure of the nation-state Published Jan 03, 2016 06:51am

Past present: Tyranny of majority

Instead of treating nations as a whole, sometimes masses take rights away from the minority and even order them killed Published Dec 06, 2015 06:33am

Afraid of history

Swindon: I can’t believe it! What will history say? Burgoyne: History, Sir, will tell lies, as usual. Published Nov 22, 2015 07:20am

Empires of food

Dining is the privilege of civilisation … The nation which knows how to dine has learnt the leading lesson of progress. Published Oct 18, 2015 06:45am

Past present: Changing perspectives

As societies become historically conscious and standards of research and writing progress, history writing moves closer Published Oct 11, 2015 07:31am

Past present: Imperial intent

In search of moral legitimacy, European imperialism finds justification in history Published Oct 04, 2015 08:00am

Faith vs knowledge

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them — Galileo Galilei Published Sep 20, 2015 07:42am

Past present: Sans history

“Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. Published Sep 06, 2015 06:47am

Past present: Myths and lies

Distorted history always supports the current power structure and lets generations upon generations of people be Published Aug 30, 2015 06:44am

Past present: Man-made landscape

Urban planners modify an urban scene already shaped by complicated historical process, so why are our cities the way Published Aug 23, 2015 06:36am

Past present: The urban sprawl

Big cities evolve by swallowing surrounding smaller towns, thriving on their energy and culture Published Aug 09, 2015 07:54am

The decision to die

Through the ages, suicide may have been viewed differently, yet its reason remained the same Published Aug 02, 2015 07:09am