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Arif Ali Abbasi

Astronomy: More astronomical parlance

WE have covered quite a long distance in our journey across the realm of astronomy. But the fact is that we have... Published Jun 28, 2015 07:36am

Astronomy: Astronomical parlance

LIFE is complicated, and getting more so by the hour. One aspect of this is that Science and technology have left ... Published May 10, 2015 07:33am

Astronomy: Back to quasars!

IMAGINE, light from the distant quasars proceeded for its travels towards our galaxy some eight billion years ago, ... Published Apr 25, 2015 06:41am

Astronomy: A hairy star?

SO wrote the great storyteller of yore, describing Achilles’ helmet. On the contrary the comets are, or were, no... Published Nov 01, 2014 07:35am

Astronomy: Planet Earth — Part: 6

WE delved into planet Earth’s turbulent history of the last billions of years, the most difficult part of which ... Published Sep 06, 2014 05:53am

Astronomy: Planet Earth — Part V

GOING beyond Earth’s confines, we may come across many strange hurdles not in our reckoning as yet. Van Allen belt... Published Aug 25, 2014 04:23pm