Intizar Husain

COLUMN: Meeting of the minds

IN the latest issue of Me’yar, the research journal of the Urdu department of the Inter­national Islamic... Published Jan 25, 2015 07:43am

COLUMN: A sad development for Urdu

The Annual of Urdu Studies (AUS), a literary journal published under the editorship of Professor Muhammad Umar Memon... Published Jan 18, 2015 07:19am

COLUMN: Three poets, three languages

DISTINGUISHED critic Dr Anwar Ahmad has come out with a novel idea. He says that “we stand in need of some common... Published Dec 01, 2014 03:54pm

COLUMN: The art of marsiya

THE poetic form of the marsiya has come to be associated, in Urdu, exclusively with the tragedy of Karbala. We can... Published Nov 02, 2014 06:27am

URDU CONFERENCE: The power of words

WHILE participating in the Urdu Con­ference held in Karachi, I tried my best to attend all the sessions but the... Published Oct 27, 2014 02:19pm

COLUMN: Recording lives

“I have seen from very close quarters a number of well-known personalities and have learnt much from non-entities... Published Oct 20, 2014 02:34pm

COLUMN: The sacredness of animals

WHILE browsing the haphazardly arranged titles at a book stall, one in particular captured my attention — Sacred... Published Oct 12, 2014 07:37am

COLUMN: A third kind of biography

MAULANA Ghulam Rasool Mehr’s biography of Ghalib was first published under the title Ghalib in 1936. It was... Published Oct 09, 2014 03:27pm

COLUMN: The indefatigable writer

TILL yesterday Shamsur Rahman Faruqi was known to us as a leading Urdu scholar. But after the publication of his... Published Sep 29, 2014 04:42pm

COLUMN: The grand old man of India

THE grand old man belonging to the South Indian literary world has passed away. This should be taken as sad news in... Published Aug 31, 2014 06:23am