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COLUMN: Recalling the reality of Partition

C.M. Naim is primarily known to us as a scholar of Urdu literature. He has to his credit a number of works written...

COLUMN: Muhammad Hasan Askari’s intellectual journey

“MUHAMMAD Hasan Askari was Urdu’s first literary critic in the Western practical sense of the term: that is, he...

COLUMN: Befitting recognition

Basir Kazmi: “I am the first Urdu poet and writer to receive an award from the Queen for services to literature.”

COLUMN: Celebrating a modern poet

Preparations are already under way with the coming out of the volume Majeed Amjad: Aik Munfarid Awaz

LAHORE LITERARY FESTIVAL: Enriching one’s culture

AT one of the sessions at the Lahore Literary Festival, Zehra Nigah was seen bemoaning that female poetic talent has...

COLUMN: Karachi defies the odds

THE Karachi Literature Festival has now come to stay as a many-splendoured urban mela encompassing a number of...

COLUMN: Sadequain’s poetic style

What a pleasant experience it was going through a well-produced, hefty volume on Sadequain in which his three...

COLUMN: Disowning our culture

There has always been a section in our society who condemn our age-old social customs, cultural celebrations

COLUMN: Soldiering on: the Urdu journal Savaira

At the time of Partition, we had a few a few prestigious journals such as Savaira and the monthly Adab-i-Latif

COLUMN: Urdu loses a great critic

THE passing away of one of our leading critics, Waris Alvi, should be seen as an irreparable loss for Urdu...

COLUMN: Calligraphy: the art of devotion

SANG-E-MEEL has published a large, colourful and ornate volume with Quranic verses and couplets from Hafiz and Jami,...

Column: Interpreting Ghalib

“Hindustan has to its credit two holy books, the sacred Vedas and the Diwan-i-Ghalib”; this was a sensational...

COLUMN: Capturing the Urdu tradition

I had known Akhtar Mirza as a photographer who is deeply devoted to his art. But after going through his...

COLUMN: 105 years of the fight for women’s emancipation

Ismat under the editorship of Allama Rashidul Khairi took up the cause of the emancipation of Muslim women

COLUMN: When bureaucracy and culture clash

Kaghazi Ghaura is an interesting tale of Mufti’s experiences with the bureaucracy of Pakistan

COLUMN: A Latin American novel, in Urdu

How does one describe this murky situation where there is a confusion of faces and voices?

Column: Searching for hope amid despair

Professor Sahar Ansari tells us that Karachi in days gone by enjoyed a cafe culture, which imparted to it a...

COLUMN: The marsiya as more than an epic

Poetry related to the tragedy of Karbala in Urdu has come to stay as a distinctive poetic tradition

COLUMN: The development of the marsiya

A survey of these histories can well reveal the treatment meted out to the marsiya

Column: Portrait of a man and a poet

Distinguished Urdu scholar from Russia, Dr Ludmila Vasilieva was presented with the Faiz Award


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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