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COLUMN: Loss of a modern thinker

MOHAMMAD Kazim has passed away. In him we have lost a genuine Arabic scholar, one who was seriously engaged in...

COLUMN: Recalling the reality of Partition

C.M. Naim is primarily known to us as a scholar of Urdu literature. He has to his credit a number of works written...

COLUMN: Muhammad Hasan Askari’s intellectual journey

“MUHAMMAD Hasan Askari was Urdu’s first literary critic in the Western practical sense of the term: that is, he...

COLUMN: Befitting recognition

Basir Kazmi: “I am the first Urdu poet and writer to receive an award from the Queen for services to literature.”

COLUMN: Celebrating a modern poet

Preparations are already under way with the coming out of the volume Majeed Amjad: Aik Munfarid Awaz

LAHORE LITERARY FESTIVAL: Enriching one’s culture

AT one of the sessions at the Lahore Literary Festival, Zehra Nigah was seen bemoaning that female poetic talent has...

COLUMN: Karachi defies the odds

THE Karachi Literature Festival has now come to stay as a many-splendoured urban mela encompassing a number of...

COLUMN: Sadequain’s poetic style

What a pleasant experience it was going through a well-produced, hefty volume on Sadequain in which his three...

COLUMN: Disowning our culture

There has always been a section in our society who condemn our age-old social customs, cultural celebrations

COLUMN: Soldiering on: the Urdu journal Savaira

At the time of Partition, we had a few a few prestigious journals such as Savaira and the monthly Adab-i-Latif

COLUMN: Urdu loses a great critic

THE passing away of one of our leading critics, Waris Alvi, should be seen as an irreparable loss for Urdu...

COLUMN: Calligraphy: the art of devotion

SANG-E-MEEL has published a large, colourful and ornate volume with Quranic verses and couplets from Hafiz and Jami,...

Column: Interpreting Ghalib

“Hindustan has to its credit two holy books, the sacred Vedas and the Diwan-i-Ghalib”; this was a sensational...

COLUMN: Capturing the Urdu tradition

I had known Akhtar Mirza as a photographer who is deeply devoted to his art. But after going through his...

COLUMN: 105 years of the fight for women’s emancipation

Ismat under the editorship of Allama Rashidul Khairi took up the cause of the emancipation of Muslim women

COLUMN: When bureaucracy and culture clash

Kaghazi Ghaura is an interesting tale of Mufti’s experiences with the bureaucracy of Pakistan

COLUMN: A Latin American novel, in Urdu

How does one describe this murky situation where there is a confusion of faces and voices?

Column: Searching for hope amid despair

Professor Sahar Ansari tells us that Karachi in days gone by enjoyed a cafe culture, which imparted to it a...

COLUMN: The marsiya as more than an epic

Poetry related to the tragedy of Karbala in Urdu has come to stay as a distinctive poetic tradition

COLUMN: The development of the marsiya

A survey of these histories can well reveal the treatment meted out to the marsiya

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Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

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