F.S. Aijazuddin

Heights of Shimla

Modi’s next steps at diplomacy will be of significance to Pakistan.

Govern, or go

It’s been a while since our parties read their manifestos.

A glass half full

The battle for Scotland has been won. The war over the United Kingdom, however, is not yet over.

Belated pillow fight

The Chinese must be disappointed at the events in Pakistan.


Imagine the thrill of having a whole country included in one’s dower.

A crimson birthday

Celebrations on both sides of the border will attract a comparison.

The time traveller

We have inherited a strain of Mughal arrogance.

Shooting words

WHATEVER was the name of the driver who took a wrong turning in the Serbian city of Sarajevo a hundred years ago?...

First and last loves

Diplomats are trained to be their country’s watchdogs.

Areas of concern

Unlike Modi, Swaraj has had a smooth ride.

Storm in a teacup

Congress has not yet petrified into a fossil.

New York, New York

NYC practises globalism — ceaselessly.

Voting early

The voting age could be reduced to, say, birth.

Ninety-nine — not out

“I am a Pakistani by birth and at heart” — Khushwant Singh.

The 16th round

THERE is a growl that can be heard across India. It is a sound somewhere between the plaintive whimper of the poor...

Basant manqué

THERE are moments in a city’s life when its performance sometimes equals its reputation. Lahore, once synonymous...

The urban botanist

THE city of Chandigarh is Islamabad gone right. The similarities between these two cities — of their size, the ...

Poor and dead

THERE is hardly a family in Pakistan, middle-class or above, that does not have a relative in Canada, or a juvenile...

Whipsaw of politics

ANYONE expecting an improvement in Pakistan needs to be patient. At its present pace of progress or regress (it...