Ahmad Raza

Practice of patience

THERE come moments in our lives when we feel completely hopeless and helpless. But the Quran shows us the technique...

The discovery of the self

THE human self constitutes the fulcrum of human identity. The synthesis of biological, psychological and social...

Is a new fiqh possible?

ISLAMIC fiqh is divided in two broad domains of legal studies. The part which deals with theoretical and conceptual...

The wisdom of Noah

THE Prophet Nuh (or Noah) is considered to be the ‘second Adam’ according to Quranic and Hadith sources. He was...

The wisdom of Adam

ADAM is the archetypal man on earth. He is considered to be the first prophet and deputy (khalifatullah) of the...

In search of wisdom

OUR age needs to rediscover the lost cultural resonance with the revealed words of God, which were spoken to the human species by a series of chosen prophets.

The ethical framework

SURAH Luqman provides an outline of the Islamic ethical framework. Verses 12 to 19 clearly spell out the indicators of a well-organised ethical framework for everyone.

The symbol of Adam

THE Quranic discourse on the nature of Adam is multilayered and symbolic. It ranges from biological to metaphysical dimensions connected to the existence of Adam.

The value of prayer

PRAYER constitutes the kernel of human existential reality. The act of prayer links every human being with God. The core of the human self overcomes its immense loneliness in this universe by engaging in the act of prayer.

Is riba-free banking possible?

Islamic banking has grown in Pakistan, and people invest religiously trusting the fatwa of the so-called Sharia boards of these banks.

On commodifying humanity

THERE were times when seals and insignias were used by the Indus valley and Babylonian people to demonstrate the pomp and prosperity of their civilisations. This scenario has now changed, as object-making

Rise and fall of empires

HISTORY affords us a mosaic of human activity. The human civilisation as we know it today appears to have evolved from the simple harpoons of the hunting bands to the ever-growing complexity of our

Concerns over food inflation

THE recent price hike especially of food items has adversely affected the economy.. The salaried class is the worst...