21 August, 2014 / Shawwal 24, 1435

A.G. Noorani

Beyond Gaza

Palestinians have been physically divided into two caged areas.

The Chinese way

China has just begun to articulate its concept of a new global order.

Future of talks

The Indo-Pak backchannel must be revived.

Forbidden pages

The absence of protests against book bans is saddening.

MPs under a cloud

Many lawmakers in India face criminal charges.

Kashmir question

Article 370 wasn’t designed to rule out a plebiscite.

Police revamp

India would do well to study police reforms in the UK.

RSS, BJP & Modi

Will the RSS put limits on Modi?

Kashmir saga

There’s no end in sight for the issue of Kashmir.

Call for rules

Press regulations won’t work unless accepted by the press.

Tyranny of discretion

The exercise of discretion must be governed by rules.

Political decay

The responsible politician is all but extinct.

A bad habit

The obscenity that is the ordinance is nearly a century old.

Conflict of interest

THERE are, in the main, two kinds of cases of conflict of interest; an apparent one and a concealed one. The ...

Decorum disdained

IT is accepted at all hands that the Lok Sabha, which held its last session on Feb 21 prior to the May general...

Civil liberties

CENTURIES ago, Solon asked how a people could preserve their liberties. “Those who are uninjured by an arbitrary...

Lowered tolerance

THE media is a powerful institution with a fragile base. It depends on public opinion for support against the state...