A.G. Noorani

A dangerous credo

Hindutva is altogether different from Hinduism.

RSS legitimised

With Modi as PM, the divide between party and state has become blurred.

Independent status

Rulers should not interfere with public prosecutions.

Politics of floods

Floods in Kashmir have not kept BJP from pursuing bad policies.

Xi Jinping’s visit

Mr Xi did not publicly disagree with Mr Modi; that’s not China’s style.

The truth & Israel

Israeli leaders know that they themselves are the transgressors.

Modi’s grip

The Indian PM has reduced his ministers’ status to that of servitors.

BJP in Kashmir?

The BJP refuses to reckon with the deep alienation in Kashmir.

What next?

There are long-pending issues to be resolved by India and Pakistan.

Tenuous ties

By cancelling talks with Pakistan, what does Modi intend to convey?

Reviving Congress

The Congress bows to the dynastic principle in its choice of leadership.

Beyond Gaza

Palestinians have been physically divided into two caged areas.

The Chinese way

China has just begun to articulate its concept of a new global order.

The party mandate

A manifesto is not a complete blueprint.

Future of talks

The Indo-Pak backchannel must be revived.

Forbidden pages

The absence of protests against book bans is saddening.

MPs under a cloud

Many lawmakers in India face criminal charges.

A global vice

Legislation has sought to tackle corruption.

Freedom obstructed

There are many curbs on University of Kashmir students.

Kashmir question

Article 370 wasn’t designed to rule out a plebiscite.