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Gardening: On the battlefront

Repot, transplant, nourish, fight pests — a gardener’s tasks are never-ending

Wildlife: Purple sunbird

IT’S tiny, darts hither and thither, hovers on the spot while sipping nectar and builds an intricate, teardrop...

Gardening: Leave the bulbs alone

No need to store seasonal bulbs in boxes, they are better off where they were planted

Gardening: No garden? No problem!

Not only can you grow food plants on your windowsill, you can even grow them directly from what you may think of as

Wildlife: A slimy customer

Their rather squat, ugly looking heron transforms when the sun comes out and lights it up, bathing its brilliant,...

Gardening: Too much of a good thing

Over-watering a plant can be as bad as under-watering it

Gardening: B for banana

There is nothing quite like the delicious taste of organic home-grown bananas. Growing them in the plains and ...

Wildlife: Spider freak out!

IF you are scared of spiders, please do not freak out as most spiders here, especially house spiders, are completely...

Gardening: Seed saving

Q. I was excited to read, in a recent column, that it is possible to dry and preserve dahlia seeds for the next ...

Gardening: The climes, they are a-changing!

March is an extremely busy time for gardeners throughout the length and breadth of this climatically diverse country...

Gardening: Shower power

Q. I want to grow plants in my shower room where the only source of light is through glass bricks and ventilation is...

Wildlife: Environmental destruction

BURNING forests and hillsides is a completely thoughtless act that destroys both forest cover and the environment...

Gardening: Unusual happenings

‘Weird’ is the only way to describe some of the ‘happenings’ in my own garden over the past few years so, as...

Gardening: Growing pains

Q. We recently purchased some land on the outskirts of Islamabad and want to plant fruit trees, mainly oranges and...

Wildlife: Desert racer

These hares, like other species of hares and rabbits indigenous to Pakistan, are highly vulnerable to predators such...

Gardening: The multiplication game

This month let’s take a look — to be followed by action of course — at two important gardening jobs which can...

Gardening: Climatic conditions

Q. I live just outside Peshawar and want to know if I can grow pineapples in my garden here? Can olive trees be...

Gardening: The mound builders

Making maximum use of garden space whilst minimising, or even ruling out, the need for watering sounds like a dream...

Gardening: Self-sufficiency trend

Q. I am based in Karachi and want to set up an edible kitchen garden on a plot size 4,000 sq yards and want to have...

Wildlife: Berberis lycium

WILD shrubs — a shrub is usually, not always, taller than what are generally called ‘wild flowers’ but much...


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Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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