Zahrah Nasir

Hostage to hostas

Leaves of various shades of green and bell-shaped flowers of the hosta plant are sure to brighten up your garden.

Growing pains

A lot of efforts, know-how and patience are needed to be a successful gardener.

October herbs

Along with fruit, vegetables and flowers why not try your hand at growing herbs in your garden?

Pick and choose

Soil, season and species along with proper watering are important ingredients of gardening

Hanging baskets

You can create so much beauty around your garden by not just planting in the soil but making use of hanging baskets to

Rooftop vegetable garden

Just imagine picking up tomatoes, peas and other vegetables from your own garden as and when needed

Sow and sow some more

Gardening enthusiasts, roll up your sleeves, get down on your knees and sow the seeds of a beautiful garden

‘Under the greenwood tree’

Planting trees, especially fruit trees, not only rewards you with seasonal fruit but greenery, privacy and shade as well

Crowning glory

While exotic species are to be discouraged as they offer unfair competition to our native species, some can be grown

Miracle tree

Medicinal plants are good to have but until and unless they are properly identified no part of them should be

Flower feast

It’s the time of year when you can plant lots and lots of flowers in your garden

Gardening: Salt and sand

Soil, water, sunshine ... the basic ingredients of gardening need to be used carefully for healthy plant growth

Bearded beauties

Plant bearded iris and have a riot of rainbow colours in your garden

Beat the heat

Reduce the need for water by using mulch in your pots/garden

Plan and plant

Indulge in organic gardening and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables while keeping your food cost low

Fans and feathers

Palm trees are making a come-back; they look good and are not difficult to grow

Seeds of life

Learn how and when to sow seeds and water the plants with Zahrah Nasir

All in the mind

Use your imagination rather than just sticking to tradition to create beautiful gardens

Transplantation shock

Treat your plants gently, especially when transplanting, and they will reward you in return

Not a drop to drink

The heat is well and truly on and gardens, as always at this time of year, are crying out for water but — so are...