Mahvesh Murad

REVIEW: Meatspace by Nikesh Shukla

KITAB Balasubramanyam is more concerned about his cyber-life than his real one. He starts and ends each day by... Published Oct 09, 2014 03:27pm

OBITUARY: Graham Joyce 1954-2014

SOMETIMES you talk to someone for a very short time and find a great many things in common, and the fact that... Published Sep 15, 2014 01:58pm

REVIEW: Tigerman by Nick Harkaway

On an ordinary day, as Lester and the boy are at their usual haunt, Shola’s cafe is attacked by a group of armed men Published Jul 20, 2014 06:42am

REVIEW: The Three

AN unthinkable event occurs. Four commercial aircraft crash in four different cities within a few hours of each... Published Jun 29, 2014 06:34am

Review: Boy, Snow, Bird

HELEN Oyeyemi’s books are strange, otherworldly things filled with mysterious magical elements that are offered to... Published Jun 22, 2014 06:12am

REVIEW: Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor

THREE strangers on a beach in Lagos, Nigeria. A scientist with a tumultuous marriage, a rap star trying to find ... Published Jun 02, 2014 12:26am

REVIEW: Autobiography by Morrissey

Steven Patrick Morrissey is the co-founder of the immensely popular post-punk UK rock group, The Smiths Published May 18, 2014 06:11am


It’s barely possible to talk about Simon Ings’ latest novel Wolves without using the description Ballardian.... Published Apr 27, 2014 06:28am

OBITUARY: Sue Townsend, 1946 – 2014

I was 11 or so when I discovered The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 and 3/4s, first published in 1982. It was... Published Apr 20, 2014 07:31am

REVIEW: Burn by Julianna Baggott

I admit to being a fan of bestselling writer Julianna Baggott’s YA Pure trilogy. I’ve enjoyed each book greatly... Published Feb 27, 2014 04:45pm

REVIEW: Terra by Mitch Benn

Terra, has been lauded by none other than Neil Gaiman who compares it to the work of writers Dahl, Adams and Pratchett Published Feb 02, 2014 08:08am