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COLUMN: Ghalib and the search for the second step

Ghalib’s poetry has always been marked with a distinct bent towards Persian-language idioms and imagery

Commentary: Ghalib’s rejected verses — the dark complected beauty

The intensity of your whiteness absorbed the colour from the reflection of your black tresses; O cruel beloved, ...

COMMENT: A commentary on Ghalib’s ‘rejected’ verses

To accept the state of non-activity in the garden is also being part of it; If you are the lowly dust, use the...

COLUMN: A commentary on Ghalib’s ‘rejected’ verses

From Nuskha-e Hamidiyya, ghazal # 135. This ghazal comprising eight she’rs is exceptionally poignant. The radif is...

COLUMN: In the Mirror of Ghalib

Ghalib's authorised and unauthorised Urdu divaans ...

COLUMN: A commentary on Ghalib’s ‘rejected’ verses

There are presently three commentaries on the corpus of the verses that Ghalib did not include in his authorised...

The ‘rejected’ verses of the great Urdu poet, Ghalib

I am the nightingale of a garden, that has yet to bloom (Ghalib; misra of a rejected she’r) The great Urdu and...

COLUMN: Of moons and mirrors: the creative journey of a novel

SHAMSUR Rahman Faruqi’s novel, Kai Chand the Sar-i Asman, created history when it was published in Urdu in 2005

Column: The lonely poet: Majaz

Mehr Afshan Farooqi is Associate Professor of Urdu and South Asian literature at the University of Virginia. She is...


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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