Maheen Sabeeh

Soundcheck: The beat goes on

Karachi’s Talha Asim Wynne, aka electronic artist Tollcrane, talks to Images on Sunday about going to the Red Bull

Soundcheck: A comedy of errors

Images on Sunday presents five music videos that must be revisited given Pakistan’s present state of affairs

Soundcheck: This is how we roll

What you don’t know can hurt you. Similarly, what you don’t hear can make you arrive at the wrong conclusion —...

FIrst person: Flying solo

Singer-songwriter Sibti joins hands with Spoonful to deliver the musical goods, and admits that Ramlal is over!

Raging bull

It isn’t entirely implausible to find a seasoned guitarist pursuing other avenues besides music in Pakistan. But...

Year ender: ‘Video’ games

Switch to any music channel, there’s a pretty good chance that the first video you encounter will be of a ...

Sound check: Born to run

Earlier this summer, when Jarar Malik, 27, (Jaag, Bewafa) returned to Pakistan to attend the Lux Style Awards after...

First person: Tunes, TV and talent

Junaid Khan cuts a sharp look these days. The grungy look of his Call days is behind him. Wearing a white t-shirt and...

Soundcheck: Bittersweet symphony

Bilal Maqsood revealed that Strings are doing the original soundtrack for Jami’s much-talked about upcoming film, Moor.

Musically speaking

Rushk Omran is working with Rushk — (Uns Mufti, Sikandar Mufti, Tara Mahmood, Ali Jafri and Ziyyad Gulzar) — in...

Soundcheck: The year in music so far

While the first half of the year has passed us by, the rest promises to be equally exciting for music aficionados.