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FIrst person: Flying solo

Singer-songwriter Sibti joins hands with Spoonful to deliver the musical goods, and admits that Ramlal is over!

Raging bull

It isn’t entirely implausible to find a seasoned guitarist pursuing other avenues besides music in Pakistan. But...

Year ender: ‘Video’ games

Switch to any music channel, there’s a pretty good chance that the first video you encounter will be of a ...

Sound check: Born to run

Earlier this summer, when Jarar Malik, 27, (Jaag, Bewafa) returned to Pakistan to attend the Lux Style Awards after...

First person: Tunes, TV and talent

Junaid Khan cuts a sharp look these days. The grungy look of his Call days is behind him. Wearing a white t-shirt and...

Soundcheck: Bittersweet symphony

Bilal Maqsood revealed that Strings are doing the original soundtrack for Jami’s much-talked about upcoming film, Moor.

First person: Unchained melody: in conversation with Omran Shafique “You can’t be too cynical about musicians

In a remarkably honest and intimate interview, Omran Shafique, or “Momo” as he is known fondly within and ...

Musically speaking

Rushk Omran is working with Rushk — (Uns Mufti, Sikandar Mufti, Tara Mahmood, Ali Jafri and Ziyyad Gulzar) — in...

Soundcheck: The year in music so far

While the first half of the year has passed us by, the rest promises to be equally exciting for music aficionados.


The world around us

Loudness and clarity

The Pakhtun question

Missing trade unions


For economic stability

Ulema’s call

Who’ll drive out the pests?

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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