Stories for: Jan-e-Alam Khaki

Ethics of generosity

Giving should eliminate poverty rather than encourage it.

Work of God

THE Quran has been the focus of attention for people across the globe for centuries as they have tried to ...

Light and enlightenment

THE symbol of light (noor in Arabic) in human tradition evokes a fascinating feeling. When we focus our gaze on a...

The mystery of 73 sects

ONE of the enduring topics of Muslim sectarian polemics has been the hadith attributed to the Prophet Muhammad ...

The quest for questions

PROPHET Ibrahim is a prophet of great significance for all the three monotheistic religions — Judaism, ...

‘Muslim’ vs ‘Islamic’

WHEN writing about the history of Muslims or history of issues related to Muslim societies, there is nowadays a...


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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