Year End 2014's special coverage of events defining the year 2014. Updated Dec 22, 2014 05:44pm

Fade to black

The confused and conflicted mindset of the citizenry portends even more distress. Updated Dec 22, 2014 01:48pm

Cricket defeat

Pakistan’s preparations for the upcoming World Cup received a setback of sorts with the 3-2 defeat against the Kiwis. Updated Dec 22, 2014 10:51am

Two polio cases reported

With fresh cases, the number of children hit by the crippling disease in the current year has reached 291. Updated Dec 22, 2014 09:45am

Egypt police kill five jihadists

Five members of Egypt's deadliest militant group, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, were killed on Sunday in clashes with police Published Dec 22, 2014 09:39am

World economies

Switzerland is a modern market economy with low unemployment and a highly skilled labour force Updated Dec 22, 2014 08:08am

Focus on green energy

The Sindh government says more than 40 companies are pursuing wind power projects of a combined capacity of 3,000 MW Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:49am

Bank investments up

The central bank further reduced rates on the fresh issue of Pakistan Investment Bonds on December 17. Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:45am

Security threat

The death penalties in response to the Peshawar carnage triggered threats of attacks to avenge. Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:16am

Oil price windfall

If it is true that the declines are due to geopolitical reasons, then they can reverse very quickly. Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:03am

Renewal of range lands

The government needs to restrict grazing during the spring months, when plants are growing and then ... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

EFP’s clarification

APROPOS the news item ‘Ministry accused of violating merit in hiring skill development council chief’ (Dec 17) ,... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Hockey: defeatist mindset

THIS refers to the report ‘Green-shirts clicked when it mattered most, says Islah’ (Dec 12). Pakistan’s chief... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Whither Pakistan?

THE originator of the term Pakistan, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, says: “I observed Chillahs and prayed for Allah’s... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Palestinians’ plight

THIS refers to the report, ‘US urges caution as Palestinians bid for UN vote’ (Dec 17). The report, among other... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Senseless killing

IT has been a day of great pain for us across the border to see events of the day unfold. Many among us have watched... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Blaming victims

A TV anchor while commenting on the Peshawar incident held that we faced this because we have been sowing the seeds... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Every eye cries

THE attack on the school in Peshawar is an attack on humanity which cannot be forgiven or forgotten. It has shaken... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:21am

Man found dead in car

ISLAMABAD: Body of a 45-year-old man was recovered from a car in the limits of Nilor police station on Sunday.A... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:20am


Working Women’s DayA documentary ‘I Was Not Alone’ by Dr Fouzia Saeed will be launched on the occasion of... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:20am

Winter woollies on wheels

SAHIWAL: Hectic engagements coupled with mounting inflation and harsh and foggy weather force people to look for... Published Dec 22, 2014 06:20am